Welcome to the Top Secret Detective Blog Hop!

We've changed things up this time around, and are inviting you to play along with our Mystery Game!

Using your Top Secret Game board {below}, simply click on a participants name to be taken to a "mystery" location to see their TOP SECRET project!

Each Mystery page will present to you: a Top Secret Project created by our detectives, a special prize offer, and even a BONUS secret word for you to reveal a hidden message to be entered to win a GRAND prize! So please make sure you READ each and every word on the mystery location pages!

YOU MUST go in order on the GAME BOARD so your SECRET words are in the RIGHT ORDER for you to reveal your special clue! {Game starts and ends with Candace!}

Having issues finding the projects? EACH one is watermarked with the following symbol so you can find it quite easily!
Candace P Michelle Annie Trixie Gwen Kate Jamie Jenny Jaymie Candace Crystal GiGi Jaded Blossom SVG Cutting Files Barb Mel Jeanne Candace